Thursday, May 28, 2009

Game #6 - Pink Strikers vs. Purple Cheetahs

Game 6 started off strong with a goal scored by Julia #8! Ema #4 and Katina #2 worked together to really make the Purple Cheetah's keeper work hard and Sarah #5 delivered a big defender kick, sending the ball to the other side of the field.
2nd Quarter was kicked off by Katina#2 and Vanessa #7. The Cheetahs were running hard at our goal but were stopped by a big kick from Nicole #9. We had lots of close calls at the goal, but the Cheetahs snuck one in right at the whistle.
At Half Time, the score stood at 1:1.
3rd Quarter started off with a hand ball called on Julia #8, but Sandra #6 quickly turned it around and scored goal #2 for the Strikers! Sarah #5 and Ema #4 played strong defense and Mackenzie #1 was right on top of things in the goal box. Kennedy #3 had a great shot at the goal, just barely missing it, but what an awesome attempt! And Vanessa #7 showed amazing control and also took her shot at the goal, just barely missing. What a great quarter!
4th Quarter was a tense one with the Cheetahs getting a goal by our Keeper right at the start. Katina #2 made lots of attempts at the goal with those those stripe-socked Cheetahs blocking everything she gave them. Julia #8 had a goal kick out to mid-field that was blocked by a Cheetah but quickly returned by Nicole #9. In the end, the Purple Cheetahs won with 3 goals to our 2. What a great game Pink Strikers!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MAY 29 Practice - Strikers VS. Parents

Don't forget that Friday is our last practice so you know what that means. The girls will be taking on the parents. Game starts at 5:00. Bring it!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

JUNE 2 - End of game PIZZA PARTY!

We are planning a pizza party at Romeo's in Edmonds just after the last game on June 2nd. Romeo's is just around the corner from EW high school. 21110-76th. We would like to order one cheese and one pepperoni pizza for the girls and some pop. We reserved the back room.

Mindy has ordered some cool medals also to be given out. Please pay Barbara $10 so she can pay MIndy back and order pizza together. THANKS!!!