Thursday, May 28, 2009

Game #6 - Pink Strikers vs. Purple Cheetahs

Game 6 started off strong with a goal scored by Julia #8! Ema #4 and Katina #2 worked together to really make the Purple Cheetah's keeper work hard and Sarah #5 delivered a big defender kick, sending the ball to the other side of the field.
2nd Quarter was kicked off by Katina#2 and Vanessa #7. The Cheetahs were running hard at our goal but were stopped by a big kick from Nicole #9. We had lots of close calls at the goal, but the Cheetahs snuck one in right at the whistle.
At Half Time, the score stood at 1:1.
3rd Quarter started off with a hand ball called on Julia #8, but Sandra #6 quickly turned it around and scored goal #2 for the Strikers! Sarah #5 and Ema #4 played strong defense and Mackenzie #1 was right on top of things in the goal box. Kennedy #3 had a great shot at the goal, just barely missing it, but what an awesome attempt! And Vanessa #7 showed amazing control and also took her shot at the goal, just barely missing. What a great quarter!
4th Quarter was a tense one with the Cheetahs getting a goal by our Keeper right at the start. Katina #2 made lots of attempts at the goal with those those stripe-socked Cheetahs blocking everything she gave them. Julia #8 had a goal kick out to mid-field that was blocked by a Cheetah but quickly returned by Nicole #9. In the end, the Purple Cheetahs won with 3 goals to our 2. What a great game Pink Strikers!

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